Monday, December 29, 2008

Where Im most comfortable, football

With this years NFL season coming to a close,  I get to talk about the fun part of the season... THE PLAYOFFS.

Part of my heart goes out to the New England Patriots, who lose all world quarterback Tom Brady, go 11-5, and still didn't make the playoffs? So sad, but enough about them b/c they didn't make it lol

So many faces we didn't see here last year? Miami (1-15 last year), Atlanta proved they still had fight in them (no dog fighting jokes please), Baltimore is back this year and their defense is ridiculous, the Eagles ended up being the other team from the NFC East after being written off after their tie, but that's why they play the game... San Diego was also left for dead with 4 weeks left in the season but ran off a 4 game winning streak to take the AFC West crown, and somehow the Arizona Cardinals are in the playoffs, but someone had to win the NFC West right? Its gonna be a fun ride on Wild Card weekend, that's for sure

First lets start with the AFC. You 12-4 Indy traveling to San Diego to take on the 8-8 Chargers who are two of the hottest teams in the league right now. Phillip Rivers should be in the pro bowl after the second half of the season and all he has done putting the Chargers on their back after Landanian Tomlinson battled injuries most of the season and seems to be now @ near 100%. After battling back and all that hard work, now you have Indy coming to town, sucks for you. I dunno if the Chargers can battle it out for four quarters with Peyton Manning and the Colts offense, he simply has too many weapons. You shut down Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison kills you, or Anthony Gonzalez, or Joseph Addai, or Dallas (not the Cowboys) Clark, etc. I really don't know if that can be stopped when its clicking on all cylinders.

And in the other match up, you have the Ravens and the Dolphins, two 11-5 teams and a really intriguing match up. You have the resurgent Dolphins who won 10 more games than last year which is the biggest one season swing in NFL history. Then you got the Ravens, who has two of the best defensive players in the league in Ed Reed and Ray Lewis coming back to their old stomping grounds to battle. If the Dolphins can stop the Ravens run game, they have a chance, because then its up to shaky rookie quarterback Joel Flacco. Then again, this Ravens team won the Super Bowl 8 years ago with a shaky-ish quarterback right?

In the NFC, you have the Cardinals and the Falcons in "The Battle of the Birds" LOL lame i know huh? This game is simple, If the Cardinals show up like they did in the previous 2 games before the season finale, the Falcons will murder the Cardinals. IF the Cards can get Kurt Warner Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald going, it could be exciting. But I gotta feeling this one will go to the Falcons with Michael Turner and Matt Ryan leading the way.

And last but not least I have the Minnesota Vikings hosting The Philadelphia Eagles, which makes me wonder, how did the Eagles get here? Oh wait nevermind, they didn't buckle under pressure like NOmo and the Cowgirls... Ridiculous... Can they stop Adrian Peterson? No. Can they contain him? That's their shot. Contain him early and score early makes the Vikings have to beat you with Tavaris Jackson and their receiving core which I don't know if i can name you any of them off the top of my head (Cris Carter maybe??? lol). Don't see it happening, which could lead to some interesting picks for the second round, but enough with all that here's my picks

Indy over the Chargers
Baltimore over Miami- most shaky pick
Atlanta over the Cardinals- 75% sure of it
The Eagles over Minnesota- 100% sure, sorry AD

What do you think???


  1. I think that you are sexy and that you are such a sports fanatic but I like it a lot!

    Miss you! 1 sleep!

  2. Oh wow...another sports fan? Come back to us. Post more!!! LOL.

    BTW...I'm glad my Ravens made it to the AFCTG, but nothing would have made my day like a win over the effing Steelers.