Sunday, December 21, 2008


So I decide to start blogging because I was told i leave a very interesting life... So I said what the heck right? I guess I'll let people delve into my life, I can't let such an exciting life go unnoticed right? Ok well it's fun to me so here goes nothing...

Well for Starters we can get a lil background...

I'm in school and I guess I enjoy that, since i should've graduated this semester but i have a lil bit of a commitment to a major problem... It's major number five for me as of now which i believe this will do for now. Im set to graduate in 2010 and then god knows what from there. 

I'm in a bit of a transitional phase right now in a lot of different ways and its gonna be quite a ride. For starters, I quit drinking and all my friends drink. I quit partying and all my friends love to party. So in that aspect its really different right now with staying friends with my friends while not goin out with them and what not. Like i said, its goin to be interesting. Also, I used to be a college athlete and i have put on a few pounds since my football playing days and trying to get down in pounds, so its gonna be interesting, I keep putting it off, starting to eat healthy and workout regularly... Its all in the air right now...

Also, I just started having a girlfriend, we've only been official for a couple weeks and it all seems amazing right now but it always is in the beginning. But seriously, this one seems different and i love it so far, hopefully it stays amazing, Im praying it does... As I'm writing about her she calls... odd. LOL

I'm in a fraternity, the fraternity they call Kappa Sigma, if you don't like that, that's your decision and that's that. And please don't judge about fraternities and fraternity brothers and greek life in general, its much more than you think, if it was all about partying and drinking do you think i would have joined it (refer back to about what i previously said upwards from here lol).

I'm a sports nut, i love Texas Longhorn football, TarHeel Basketball, The Boston Red Sox, The Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, gotta lil love for the Cowboys, and the Cleveland Cavaliers (Lebron is my guy)...

Music is key-Kanye and T.I. and some Lil Wayne... but I can listen to a lil bit of everything...


  1. wow. you have only had this thing for an hour and already have a follower.

    I thing you should tell others who has inspired you to start writing. Give credit where credit is due :)

  2. DUH. I knew that. Read that 30 hood one on my page. He is way too funny!

  3. Welcome to the blogsphere! I am only a slightly older member than you, I started at the end of August. As much as I have been writing I find it fun to randomly read other's blogs.

    I'm curious, why did you give up drinking? Is it just the idea of healthier living? It will be hard to stay connected with your current friends unless yall look for other things to share other than drinking and partying.

    LOL I understand the desire for self-improvement, so I'll lend my support to your weight-loss efforts, but you are already a handsome man! =)

    Good luck on the relationship with your girlfriend.