Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's Just Say its been a while

LOL the last time i posted was Decemeber 29, 2008.

Man a lot has changed... On my last post my picks where a lil off, to say the least, and a lot has happened.

I have had some ups and downs, so I guess we will start with the downs.

1. I heard about a football tryout and my college and was super excited about it. So I got slightly into shape for a few weeks and went out there and showed off my skills... Within a week they called me and wanted me out there, so i was pumped!!! Well the bad thing about it is the NCAA has a ten semester rule for people to play and since this is my tenth semester, I can't play next season. Boo.

2. The girl I had previously blogged about being my girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend, its a downer because I thought it was gonna work, but apparently i was wrong, but what can you do huh? I'm not gonna get into too much details just because she simply may read this and then i have to talk with her about things, again. Thats no fun.

3. I had to withdraw from school last week. $$$ is really tight and my mother needs help @ home, not to mention I lost my job @ my apartment complex simply because I'm not renewing my lease, personally I think its a load of crap but what can you do right? So I been applying for jobs like crazy, here and in Tulsa, Tulsa because......

The ups.

1. the girl I dated over the summer that dumped me in October for some reason have reconciled. I don't like going back to ex's but I really it's the best thing for me. She isn't controlling and gives me space. I don't always have to be calling, texting, or emailing her constantly. Its quite a relief and makes me actually want to talk to her more, what an interesting concept yes? Girls try it, if you give a guy his space, I bet he'll call/text more, just a thought.

2. During this job hunt, I have been thinking one thing, and I know its terrible but, please don't let me start a job til after the first week of the NCAA tournament is over LOL. I love it i freaking love the first week because some big name will go down, its guaranteed. Personally, I think that UCONN is overrated and they will go no farther than the sweet sixteen, but that's just me. I got Carolina to win it all, but watch out for Memphis (they can shoot free throws this year), Oklahoma (as long as Blake Griffin is healthy), and Kansas (they thought it was gonna be a off year for them). my sleeper final four picks are both out of the ACC actually, if they get in. Florida State and Miami. I mean they have to play Duke and UNC twice a year so they are battle tested and get hot... Also Kentucky, even though its an off year for them, if they get in, watch out for Jodie Meeks, he could pull a Stephen Curry from last year and get real hot.

3. I promise blogsters, i wont just abandon you guys for two months like i did, that wasn't very nice of me LOL. Felt good to write again, I'll be back soon.


  1. Welcome back to Blogland, sir.

    I got Carolina to win it all...

    I stopped reading there. LOL. Ok, well, I didnt, but I should have. As you'll come to learn that as a Terp, I have an utter and complete disdain for EVERYTHING on Tobacco Road that wears any hue of blue. That doesn't stop me from being fair tho. Carolina is great, but VERY beatable. They love up-tempo games and like to press teams, but they dont respond well to being run on or pressed. My Terps do this year in and year out and beat them by doing just that at least once a year.

    Im cool with the rest of your pics. No chance in hell FSU or Miami make the Final Four. Hell, Miami isn't even a lock into the tourney yet. LOL. Oh, and btw...with the unbalanced scheduling in the ACC, they don't necessarily play Duke and UNC twice a season. I know what you're saying tho. LOL.

    Good luck on the job search and with the chicks in your life.

  2. yoyoyo Dope in the house!

    sorry you had to drop out of college n shh. hopefully the job hunting works out to you, i shall be back to see how life is progressing for you n all.