Monday, December 22, 2008


Today's a good day so far. Come to work today and realize my boss isn't here, so what am I doing??? NOTHING, i mean if someone comes in I will help them out or help em lease an apartment, but really besides answering the phone, thats about it.

Me and my co-worker/homeboy El Rey are kinda chillin and talkin about the youth today. (I know I know, I'm only 23 but I'm way smarter than I used to.) These kids are so silly, they need to realize that there is another way of life besides the streets. Robbin, killin, stealin, runnin the streets, dope dealing, etc., just isn't where it is. It's a sad state for us if they think that's all the world has to offer.

I hate the fact that people blame it on the music, Hip Hop in particular. If parents want to blame Hip Hop for it, they aren't doing anything their jobs as parents. Plain and simple. It's your job to teach them right from wrong in life, not music. Music, once again is ENTERTAINMENT. I listen to more rap than the average dude im sure, but you dont see me runnin the streets gun in my waistband do you? Just not my style.

I try to set an example for the youth by doing the exact opposite of what the music I listen to. It's like a reminder in a way not to do those things. Objectfying women- no way, being a playa- not me, Drug dealer- no sir, not me. Dropped out high school (T.I.) - i dont think i could have done that since im in college right?

I dunno what I'm getting at, I guess I just wanted to get stuff off my chest that's what this thing is for right??? LOL

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