Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That was intense

So yeah yeah its been a while blah blah blah I know.

LEt me catch you up to speed on whats going on in my life.
I moved to Tulsa and I am currently a teacher's aide @ Tulsa Union. I work with the Emotionally Disturbed and its never a dull moment. Today one of my kids who is deaf was placed in ISD, and the ISD teacher was a sub this week so guessed who went to ISD (In school detention) today? ME!!! So he comes in and has an attitude and just being disruptive in class today so he starts scooting around in his chair and and knocking over desks, good times. So I begin to try to control him while his aide is signing to him, he looks the other way and rips up his assignment. so then he continues to do these things and starts trying to run me over while in his chair, big mistake, i instantly control him and this is not your average 7th grader in size. i control him as one of the principals walk in. End of Round 1. Round 2 starts when he does the same stuff all over again. He begins to push on me so i will move but I will not LOL... So this time I get him into a chicken wing and break him down, i should have been a wrestler LOL.

He's now gone and now im in here with the other kids who are probably scared poopless of me. LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I need to shave.... for real....

Just some stuff I'm listenin to right now

Mickey Factz


Kid Cudi- the actual has this screwed outro that is FIRE

Jack Johnson- dont judge me lol

Hero- not what you think though, this is not Nas Ft. Keri Wilson (i think thats her name)

Lemme know what you guys think, I dont really feel like writing right now so I'm listenin to music. Im sad because I'm not home and my macbook (named Apple-yonia lol) doesnt pick up no one's internet in my girl's apartment, I'm on a Toshiba, ewwwwww LOL.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's Just Say its been a while

LOL the last time i posted was Decemeber 29, 2008.

Man a lot has changed... On my last post my picks where a lil off, to say the least, and a lot has happened.

I have had some ups and downs, so I guess we will start with the downs.

1. I heard about a football tryout and my college and was super excited about it. So I got slightly into shape for a few weeks and went out there and showed off my skills... Within a week they called me and wanted me out there, so i was pumped!!! Well the bad thing about it is the NCAA has a ten semester rule for people to play and since this is my tenth semester, I can't play next season. Boo.

2. The girl I had previously blogged about being my girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend, its a downer because I thought it was gonna work, but apparently i was wrong, but what can you do huh? I'm not gonna get into too much details just because she simply may read this and then i have to talk with her about things, again. Thats no fun.

3. I had to withdraw from school last week. $$$ is really tight and my mother needs help @ home, not to mention I lost my job @ my apartment complex simply because I'm not renewing my lease, personally I think its a load of crap but what can you do right? So I been applying for jobs like crazy, here and in Tulsa, Tulsa because......

The ups.

1. the girl I dated over the summer that dumped me in October for some reason have reconciled. I don't like going back to ex's but I really it's the best thing for me. She isn't controlling and gives me space. I don't always have to be calling, texting, or emailing her constantly. Its quite a relief and makes me actually want to talk to her more, what an interesting concept yes? Girls try it, if you give a guy his space, I bet he'll call/text more, just a thought.

2. During this job hunt, I have been thinking one thing, and I know its terrible but, please don't let me start a job til after the first week of the NCAA tournament is over LOL. I love it i freaking love the first week because some big name will go down, its guaranteed. Personally, I think that UCONN is overrated and they will go no farther than the sweet sixteen, but that's just me. I got Carolina to win it all, but watch out for Memphis (they can shoot free throws this year), Oklahoma (as long as Blake Griffin is healthy), and Kansas (they thought it was gonna be a off year for them). my sleeper final four picks are both out of the ACC actually, if they get in. Florida State and Miami. I mean they have to play Duke and UNC twice a year so they are battle tested and get hot... Also Kentucky, even though its an off year for them, if they get in, watch out for Jodie Meeks, he could pull a Stephen Curry from last year and get real hot.

3. I promise blogsters, i wont just abandon you guys for two months like i did, that wasn't very nice of me LOL. Felt good to write again, I'll be back soon.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Where Im most comfortable, football

With this years NFL season coming to a close,  I get to talk about the fun part of the season... THE PLAYOFFS.

Part of my heart goes out to the New England Patriots, who lose all world quarterback Tom Brady, go 11-5, and still didn't make the playoffs? So sad, but enough about them b/c they didn't make it lol

So many faces we didn't see here last year? Miami (1-15 last year), Atlanta proved they still had fight in them (no dog fighting jokes please), Baltimore is back this year and their defense is ridiculous, the Eagles ended up being the other team from the NFC East after being written off after their tie, but that's why they play the game... San Diego was also left for dead with 4 weeks left in the season but ran off a 4 game winning streak to take the AFC West crown, and somehow the Arizona Cardinals are in the playoffs, but someone had to win the NFC West right? Its gonna be a fun ride on Wild Card weekend, that's for sure

First lets start with the AFC. You 12-4 Indy traveling to San Diego to take on the 8-8 Chargers who are two of the hottest teams in the league right now. Phillip Rivers should be in the pro bowl after the second half of the season and all he has done putting the Chargers on their back after Landanian Tomlinson battled injuries most of the season and seems to be now @ near 100%. After battling back and all that hard work, now you have Indy coming to town, sucks for you. I dunno if the Chargers can battle it out for four quarters with Peyton Manning and the Colts offense, he simply has too many weapons. You shut down Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison kills you, or Anthony Gonzalez, or Joseph Addai, or Dallas (not the Cowboys) Clark, etc. I really don't know if that can be stopped when its clicking on all cylinders.

And in the other match up, you have the Ravens and the Dolphins, two 11-5 teams and a really intriguing match up. You have the resurgent Dolphins who won 10 more games than last year which is the biggest one season swing in NFL history. Then you got the Ravens, who has two of the best defensive players in the league in Ed Reed and Ray Lewis coming back to their old stomping grounds to battle. If the Dolphins can stop the Ravens run game, they have a chance, because then its up to shaky rookie quarterback Joel Flacco. Then again, this Ravens team won the Super Bowl 8 years ago with a shaky-ish quarterback right?

In the NFC, you have the Cardinals and the Falcons in "The Battle of the Birds" LOL lame i know huh? This game is simple, If the Cardinals show up like they did in the previous 2 games before the season finale, the Falcons will murder the Cardinals. IF the Cards can get Kurt Warner Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald going, it could be exciting. But I gotta feeling this one will go to the Falcons with Michael Turner and Matt Ryan leading the way.

And last but not least I have the Minnesota Vikings hosting The Philadelphia Eagles, which makes me wonder, how did the Eagles get here? Oh wait nevermind, they didn't buckle under pressure like NOmo and the Cowgirls... Ridiculous... Can they stop Adrian Peterson? No. Can they contain him? That's their shot. Contain him early and score early makes the Vikings have to beat you with Tavaris Jackson and their receiving core which I don't know if i can name you any of them off the top of my head (Cris Carter maybe??? lol). Don't see it happening, which could lead to some interesting picks for the second round, but enough with all that here's my picks

Indy over the Chargers
Baltimore over Miami- most shaky pick
Atlanta over the Cardinals- 75% sure of it
The Eagles over Minnesota- 100% sure, sorry AD

What do you think???

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas... Riiiight

Oh to be young again...
Why can't I go back to the days where Christmas was fun again? I wake up @ 5 am and open presents, play with them, go to one grannys house for Christmas Breakfast, go to the others for Christmas dinner, go home and play with more presents from the family... Good times, but as you get older, you get less and less presents and notice more and more drama, funny thing is, i dunno which one i would change. Im sure everyone loves presents, but come on, isnt this supposed to be a time where we get together and have a good time and celebrated Jesus' birthday? I thought so...

1st stop.
My mothers' mom was drama because my cousin has two kids and his baby mother was having drama, and her Jewish boyfriend wouldnt let their kids celebrate Christmas, what they had celebrated for the past 7 & 4 years... And then my other cousin has his 4th kid on the way,  which is insane...

Ok 2nd stop.
I walk into my grandmother's house, my dads mom and i walk in just in time for the prayer.. perfect timing. I walk in and brace hands with my uncles and then the prayer begins, perfect. And then my uncle decided that that my grandmother disrepected him and went outside and began to curse liek no body's business about it, talking about his own mama it was terrible...
but then he kinda came back to normal which was frickin weird... 

& then theres my dad...
For those that dont know, he was in a really bad motorcycle wreck and almost died and he thinks he can be normal but the reality is, he can't @ all. his motor skills and social skills have deteriated tremendously but he thinks he can do like he used to do. Its really sad but he gets mad @ me b/c i wont allow him to do this or that, its really rough around the holidays because hes just a shell of what he used to be...

But enough about that lets hit up a life update...
I decided, after some advice from my boo, to go try out for my college football team. After over 3 years of dormancy, the fire has been restored and im ready to do it again, break some NECKS!!!! LOL I got wind of a tryout on the 21st and I have been in the gym everyday since i heard about it, and i have lost 6 pounds this week (before todays food consumption that is) so@ least I'll be in shape, wish me luck on that...

Speaking of boo, i mss her dearly and cant wait to see her on the 31st. It's gonna be a fun week and cant wait to ring in the new year with her by my side.

Well thats all I got for now so stay tuned, I'll be back soon...

Monday, December 22, 2008


Today's a good day so far. Come to work today and realize my boss isn't here, so what am I doing??? NOTHING, i mean if someone comes in I will help them out or help em lease an apartment, but really besides answering the phone, thats about it.

Me and my co-worker/homeboy El Rey are kinda chillin and talkin about the youth today. (I know I know, I'm only 23 but I'm way smarter than I used to.) These kids are so silly, they need to realize that there is another way of life besides the streets. Robbin, killin, stealin, runnin the streets, dope dealing, etc., just isn't where it is. It's a sad state for us if they think that's all the world has to offer.

I hate the fact that people blame it on the music, Hip Hop in particular. If parents want to blame Hip Hop for it, they aren't doing anything their jobs as parents. Plain and simple. It's your job to teach them right from wrong in life, not music. Music, once again is ENTERTAINMENT. I listen to more rap than the average dude im sure, but you dont see me runnin the streets gun in my waistband do you? Just not my style.

I try to set an example for the youth by doing the exact opposite of what the music I listen to. It's like a reminder in a way not to do those things. Objectfying women- no way, being a playa- not me, Drug dealer- no sir, not me. Dropped out high school (T.I.) - i dont think i could have done that since im in college right?

I dunno what I'm getting at, I guess I just wanted to get stuff off my chest that's what this thing is for right??? LOL