Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That was intense

So yeah yeah its been a while blah blah blah I know.

LEt me catch you up to speed on whats going on in my life.
I moved to Tulsa and I am currently a teacher's aide @ Tulsa Union. I work with the Emotionally Disturbed and its never a dull moment. Today one of my kids who is deaf was placed in ISD, and the ISD teacher was a sub this week so guessed who went to ISD (In school detention) today? ME!!! So he comes in and has an attitude and just being disruptive in class today so he starts scooting around in his chair and and knocking over desks, good times. So I begin to try to control him while his aide is signing to him, he looks the other way and rips up his assignment. so then he continues to do these things and starts trying to run me over while in his chair, big mistake, i instantly control him and this is not your average 7th grader in size. i control him as one of the principals walk in. End of Round 1. Round 2 starts when he does the same stuff all over again. He begins to push on me so i will move but I will not LOL... So this time I get him into a chicken wing and break him down, i should have been a wrestler LOL.

He's now gone and now im in here with the other kids who are probably scared poopless of me. LOL

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